Another Rogers CEO bites the dust

As a former employee, it’s frustrating and painfully unsurprising to see Rogers remove yet another CEO. During my tenure there, senior leadership turnover was a fact of life.

The Globe rightly points out that the Rogers family’s constant meddling does more harm than good.

Although corporate CEOs generally have a short life expectancy, Rogers’ behaviour signals that as a CEO, you have a year to figure out the org and a 1–3 years to pad your resume for your next gig. Pretty hard to do anything courageous in that amount of time while also fending off shareholders and Edward and Melinda Rogers.

Given that new C-level execs seem to replace everyone at VP-level or above, the best takeaway analysts can have at this point is that there’s a group of awesome folks at Rogers who have learned the secret to success. Ignore these constant distractions, keep the lights on, keep doing good work and keep a company seemingly determined to destroy itself afloat.

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