Dear Me(6),

You dreamed about your beloved father tonight. Your father always wanted you to be something great or something decent. But he did not know what it was.

But were you able to keep up with your promises to him?

He asked you about taking care of your mum and taking care of his belongings, assets, are you doing that?

What about your career, are you progressing enough? I know you are extremely happy with your life, but are you keeping your promises?

I know everyday you end up doing what you are not meant to be doing.

You are just a big bullshit in a cycle of perpetual bullshit. I don’t trust you.

Do you trust your very own self? Do you love yourself?

Why you are pouring Stupid food inside your body? Why you are wasting time every single day on unnecessary things, unnecessary beings?

Be honest, truthful, vulnerable to yourself. Be the Change who you are. The crazy, ruthless.


Shihab Uddin

25th May 2017

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