Designing a Great Day or A Hour(Day#8)

I was never good at holding things — I let things or people go if they want to go. Who is meant to be with me is with me, who is willing to go will go no matter what happens. Its just the way mother nature has created rules for the universe. Everything has its pairs, sometimes one, sometimes multiple — We are interdependent on each other but as a whole not on one another.

I have been studying and practicing school of Design and randomness a lot lately. I mean everything is designed, our days, hours, human relationships, somehow its by human beings and somehow by divine. And everything that alters the design a little bit, we call it randomness, a little bit twisted toward upside or downside.

Who is meant to be with me is with me, who is willing to go will go no matter what happens.

Random events can be known or unknown. For known situations we need to bring the weapon that is already in our armory to fight with. And for unknown we need to apply our best judgement, best tools that is available on our tool-set. I have been applying this philosophy into practice in my daily life, in fact every single hour I am living.

Life by Design

Every single day, I have a fixed schedule to fulfill, targets to fulfill. Of those some are low value and some are high value. High values are must do in any circumstances and low values can be easily skipped.

Of the High Value activities there are some which I like most, in fact I tend to be in flow in them. Such as writing is one of them. I can continuously write whole day without any boredom. Also there are some which are not yet in my comfort-zone. I mean I am not in flow in them yet, But I know I will be, I just have to force myself to enjoy that journey.

We are interdependent on each other but as a whole not on one another.

Currently I am doing a combination of flow and non-flow activities. And trying my best to bring all the high value activities in the comfort zone. And as soon as I will be in comfort zone in all of them- I will set new standards or new goals for them, as I am never satisfied with my performance and I have a habit of continuously challenging myself setting new best every now and then.

On the low value activities, my philosophy is to delegate as much as possible or kind of pause them unless it becomes a high value one. Then do it. But their priority matrix is always behind the High value ones, including the relationships. I bluntly avoid people who does not give me importance, even I hardly receive call from them.

Life By Randomness

Despite I have a completely fixed schedule of 24 hours, I face a lot of randomness every single day or hour. Randomness comes from internal self or outer self.

Internal Randomness are — distracted mind, asshole voice saying stupid things again and again, boredom, tiredness, hunger, anger, loneliness, worry and anxieties.

External Randomness are — Family issues,Monetary issues or other issues created by external forces.

Of these Random events, I know some of them and I know how to deal with them skillfully. Also I face some random events which I am unaware of. I try to deal with them through the best judgement or best skills I have.


Also I follow some orthodoxy things everyday. Such as praying or other innate things as a human being, I must follow them or do them. I cannot skip them or cannot completely uproot them from my life, I just try my best to stick with the orthodoxy as finite sets of rules.

I am keeping a log on these and publishing everyday on Github as Human Change log and I hope to publish a summary each month as in Human Change log.

This post is part of my 30 Days Authentic Writing Challenge. If you want to check out the previous post, here you have an index.