Digital Detox : Taking a break for Myself

This is reference to contact me during this period

I will be in Digital Detox period

E-Mails :

  • Work Related: Response time pretty quick | Work E-mail | Primary E-mail

Other E-mails:

Response time Weekly

Hotmail : | I do not use this e-mail now and check very rare


MSP E-mail:

Other Means of Contact :

Fb Messenger : Response time 48 hours

ID: @msuworld

Linkedin Inbox: Response time 48 hours


Twitter Tweets : Weekly

ID: @msuworld

Skype: msu_cse_kuet : 48 hours unless its a scheduled call

  • If you have something urgent or important to deal with Send me a SMS or call assuming you have the details already.
  • Generally my response time for other means of communication is 48 hours if it seems important to me otherwise delegated to a certain period time.
  • However I will be continuing my daily writing practices at Medium( target twice in a day but not many of them will appear in other social feeds.)