I Started My Day Wrong( 6/365)

My whole life was full of wrongdoings, Lies

I have been trying to reduce weight, become healthy and slimmer from last 12+ years. All these time I planned about clean diet, regular exercise, normal sleeping and adopting a healthy lifestyle. But it failed, failed repeatedly again and again. Sometimes I had little successes while most of the times it was full of failures. This morning I was supposed to start my day with aloevera Juice and lemon green tea, but I ate oily paratha, failed to stick with my plan.

Nothing can get me to anywhere unless I make successful implementation of my plans, process and vision. I got distracted by social media notifications, e-mail and lots of unnecessary things which I was not supposed to do or nor planned.

My life is full of wrongdoings, full of failed plans and strategies, even though I keep hope.

Hope is something that is helping me to stand up again and utilize the current moment, think about forget what just happened, instead focus on what will happen in future. And think about the time I have in my hand for building the future.

Every day, every hour and every minutes counts, But don’t know why I forgot this realization everyday too. I am fighting everyday with my internal distractions, emotions, miscellaneous unnecessary thoughts to do something meaningful, meaningful for me as well as the world.

Will I be able to live a different kind of day today?

I am not sure yet, but I need to try, try my best, give my maximum effort to break this cycle of frustration, laziness, sleaziness and move faster than my average speed, do things that I have never done, break false notions that I have always carried with myself.

What are you planning to achieve today? Is that something more profound or gives a meaning to you as well as the world?

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