In Fighting Spirits

Kenny purchases her weekly groceries in a nearby mall just few blocks away from her home in every weekends. She just rushes to the mail, takes all the things required and most of the time pays with her credit card. She doesn’t check most of the items what were the items on the list but she pays the right amount. But one day when she checked the bill, found mismatch, bill was wrong. She then asked the manager of the mall, got it corrected later. Than she had a realization, what if this kind of things occurred with her everyday? It could be possible or couldn’t be, but she needed to be concerned.

Similar to this also happened with Akram. He came first in the big capital city Dhaka, found everywhere people are arguing on the prices, costs etc. He tried to be a nice guy, pay accurately in most of the times without bargaining, but later on he found out this approach letting other people to cheat him regularly.

I know we need to have belief on other peoples but before believing other people we need to raise a bargain, validate properly what the people in front are wanting and is it legit in terms of everything i.e. quality, market price etc. I call this leave in fighting spirits.

All we are working hard to lead our lives, working from dawn to dust to make our living and we don’t want this money earned in a hard way go in vain. And if we have some needs, we fulfilled it using it, its completely fine. But loosing it because of not having our concern or cross check is really problematic.

In those cases we are wasting money.

And how much money we earn, if we can’t manage properly we will be always in problems. Please share with me your money management tips and tricks.

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Originally published at on February 18, 2015.

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