Life in a Problem Solving Approach( Day#6)

We all have it. We are problem solvers. Life seems to me a large contest, ever-going, continuous with thousands of problems to solve. Sometimes its known problems with known skill-sets, sometimes completely unknown with completely unknown skill-sets. We can deal with, anyhow.

Not believing me? Then why the child who just born yesterday, how do they know they have to cry to draw attention for food or anything else that is bothering them?

Sometimes its known problems with known skill-sets, sometimes completely unknown

Lets accept it once for all. We all have problems. If any human being comes to me and say’s I don’t have any problems, that means he is lying straightly or suppressing all of his problems, just wanting to portray happy version of his or her. Sometimes I also try to portray that version of mine, its completely fine doing that too.

Its our strongest version. We love doing that, showing ourselves stronger than anyone, being Antifragile. But also we are broken inside pieces. And that pieces are now tightened together as in order that does not bother to be broken again. I mean its just problems, that are different in every ones life.

Such as some people are excited because lots of interesting things happening in their life’s. They are learning new and newer skill-sets to tackle those problems. When we face something new, we gain a new skill-set, a new weapon adds into our armory.

We love doing that, showing ourselves stronger than anyone

And for known problems, we just have to remember the old skills and old problems that we have encountered previously, create an antibody inside us for that problem, if its possible or deal with it,calling the already added weapon.Despite some people do the same mistake again and again, because their antibody is weak or somehow they didn’t take enough lesson from the same mistake.

But life is a long journey, can be pretty short too. And no such things like perfection. Its a mythical term like success. All the perfection we see in the people, design or anything, its just a contextual perception. I mean some people call it perfection because they don’t have any other idea to find fault in those things or those peoples. Everybody or everything has flaws, even the most legendary designed application or most successful human beings.

But life is a long journey, can be pretty short too

That’s why we are always seeking for progress, trying to remove old faults and make a better version of ourselves every single day. A better us, a better design, a better human being, a better culture, better laws, better relationships, moreover making everything a little bit more better.

Betterment is a human pursuit, such as pursuit for Happiness. Everyone is happy right now, at this moment. They just don’t know they are happy. They have suppressed it somehow inside themselves with some shortage, some want or something they are missing. But my dear friends, things you wanted or things you needed for this life is already with you. If you are missing something that was not for you or you don’t have capability yet to get that thing.

trying to remove old faults and make a better version of ourselves every single day

And most important thing about problem solving is, not diverting from our Core focus, roles, principles anyhow no matter what happens, in any circumstances. In the priority matrix do the must items, fulfill the must items even in extreme circumstances, unless we are dead. That’s what makes some people special and all the other people, ordinary, shallow, living a mediocre life throughout their whole journey.

And Remember, no matter how big is the problem, we will find a way to solve it, If we just try again and again renewing our armory.

This post is part of my 30 Days Authentic Writing Challenge. If you want to check out the previous post, here you have an index.