Minimum Viable Life

All my life I have planned a lot things to materialize, a lot initiatives to draw, making plans after plans. And I found out later one plan is being replaced by another one with very minimal activation. So, from the last half of 2014 I decided to not to make plans, except I created focuses and pursuit points.

I started to live minimal, do other things as minimal as possible that keeps me going only. Such as for living I need to do a job, being part of society I need to do socialize with other peoples some time, but that should be ended there.

In the meantime I discovered my Core Pursuits, which makes me happy. By definition Minimum viable life is the life on which you only do things that makes you happy. Unfortunately you can’t jump into your minimum viable life instantly. To Move from your typical life to Minimum viable life you need a escape plan.

Later I found my focuses which makes me happy, reading, writing, working for the community. And leave the things outside which I was doing for no pursuit.

I started to question myself before doing anything, is this necessary for me to live on or is this something makes me happy. If the answer is affirmative on either one, I started working for that. If otherwise I leave that thing outside of my life.

In such way I started to live a better and more happier life for myself.

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Originally published at on February 11, 2015.

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