Nothing will Change

Until You become the Change

You grow up dreaming someday everything will change

and you will be successful, everyone will be praising you

You will have ability to buy everything you wanted including that electronic

helicopter that you wanted to buy in your childhood, which now became drone.

Everyday you wake, up get ready and commute to work, thinking something

different will happen this day, something that will make your life’s turn towards extreme right, making you super successful including superb villa’s, super model girlfriend and luxurious life.

But you know what is the truth?

Nothing will change.. Never and It will be always like that, You will be always that pretty damn looser counting pennies to pay your bills, spending meaningless times watching games and lots of other worthless things.

Here’s the truth Nothing will change until you become the change…

Stand up and do things that matters most for you, stand against the world, against the norms, break the rules and do things that you ever thought you would be able to do … Such as spending sleepless nights chasing your passion.. isolating yourself from social life, living your sole direction and attention towards the one thing you aspire, want to achieve and want to be remembered for decades..

Your life’s biggest success are the deeds for which you will be remembered for decades, hundreds of years…when somebody will study your life and praise we could do something like this man we lived hundred years ago and gave us this theory, invention, philosophy or something that long lasting.

Your biggest success is obviously earning money for some period but do you know what would be more better than the biggest?

Being remembered after 100+ years, doing some immortal dead that will haunt people to read, write and research about your life centuries after centuries.

How Can you do that?

Solely focusing on your thing, not paying heed to the generation, to the trends, news, culture .. Learn what matters for you, socialize when its really required otherwise isolate yourself in a doom gloomy corner of the world, spend your best effort, best years of life building things, making things, learning and crafting you art/science/innovation.

Good luck for all your deeds today.

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