Project 2 case study


In our VCD1351A second project, I was in a group with the other four classmates. After much sketching, alterations, and research, we ended up somewhere a little different one than we expected. Our category started out as “stress/ well-being management”.

After sketching all connected stress/well-being related problems we could think of (stress management, time management, health tracking, resources providing, etc.) we ended up working health center resources on campus.

Notes of the first group meeting
  • Design Inspiration Analysis: The inspiration came from students daily life. Here at our school Cal Poly Pomona, it seems like there are not many students using the health center resources on the campus. So we want to go deeper about it.

User Research

The initial connected students' research left us with a lot of options. After discussion with the group members, we decided to interview Cal Poly students and school health center. In conclusion, Alex went to give the health center a survey, and the rest of us went to interview the students.

The interview questions that we created can help us to understand how important the health center is for students. Therefore, we want to ask about how often the students go to the health center, what type of resources do they need, how deep do they know about the health center, and so on.

Interview questions

My job for this part is interview two students.

During inter view and Refined interview answers
Kelly’s shadowing and Alex’s survey


After we collecting our researches, we analyzed our data to create our affinity diagrams. The affinity diagram is based on user interviews, shadowing, and Health and Wellness Survey.

After doing the Affinity Diagrams with the answered that we collected from our users, we found a problem we would like to solve. And we were planing to do further more. Such as following up with shadowing, and deeper question with our interviewees.

During this part, I made an Empathy map and user journey based on our follow up questions.

Pain Problem:

  • Students forget to take care of their health.
  • Students don’t have enough time.
  • Students don’t know how to go about it.

Defining the Problem

After discussion, we used our researches from our POV to conclude a statement: How might we help students be more aware of all the health center resources.

My Design Challenge

Solution: Coming out a mobile application that will help the Users to be more aware of health center resources that is available on campus.

  • Online help resource
  • In app counseling/therapist
  • Providing facts, information, medication, and other health resources.


Based on our how might we statement, we discussed all the feature, context, content we may have.

Brainstorm process

After brainstorm process, I refined all the idealizations and summarized main points the we should have in the app.


  • students


  • Online text therapist
  • Online help resource
  • Providing facts, information, medication, and other health resources.
  • Appointments
  • Notifications


  • Mental breakdown
  • Students get sick
  • Feeling stressed


  • Hours
  • General information +FAQ
  • Address

Next step, we created a storyboard to support our idea.

During this part, Jesh and I write a scenario for other group members to drawing a storyboard. Jesh created an outline, and I added more details for it.

First version
final version

Paper Prototyping

In this process, I acknowledged that I should fall into the users mind, and figure out what the problems. Therefore, I can take a good amount of time to understand how they having this problem. So, I can help students to get more useful information from health center resources.

user flow

User flow for app

I find it is challenging to do the user flow for the mobile application that I need to do. As I am not sure how the interface should looks like and works simple.

user flow for the mobile application

By drawing out wire-frame sketches, it starts to make sense for my next step, testing.

wire frame sketches

I asked few of my friends to test my app, and their feedback are really useful and help me understand and learn more on thinking through my targeted user point of view.

paper prototype testing
Adobe XD in app testing

Insights of testing

My users stated that after registering, feels they like to see menu bar at side. Also after in class final critique, I get some feed backs about color and font size.

I decided to solve the 3 most important problems.

  1. Be able to select a subject before chat with online therapist
  2. Event page and confirmation type font.
  3. Change the opacity of all buttons background color

Final Prototype

Adobe XD Prototype

And this is my prototype GIF version.

Color and font:

Images for icons

Icon & Name for the App

I did some researches and thinking of what should I name my app. I decided named it Bronco Health, because it is for Cal Poly students and using our bronco ID to provided students health center service. And I use two letters B and H as this app’s icon. Orange and green are my theme color, because I want to present a bright feeling to show students life. And type font logo is easy to remember.