What’s next?

Personally lately I have been having a lot of troubles with life. At this point in our lives it’s easy to get all turned around and frustrated. After being put through years and years of routine by going to school we’re thrust into the world with little knowledge as to how to live it. Sure they teach you the stuff that you’re meant to know for your job, but they don’t teach you what you’re supposed to do.

I don’t know about you, but honestly I’ve kinda taken a step back and looked at everything and begun asking ‘why?’ Why do we need to do this? How do we start? The rest of my life is in front of me, but it makes me want to go back to school and hide in that structured routine.

At the same time it’s rather freeing.

The freedom of choice is here and now. You’re an adult you get to do what you decide. Exhilarating to think about, but after that initial excitement wears off, which it definitely has for me, I’m left dumbfounded by the lack of ability to make a decision.

The biggest question I want to ask all those adults who have been at this for years already is: why do you do what you do?

Not why do you do your job. Why do you live the life you’re living? Obviously the lifestyles they lead must have some meaning to them so why did they choose it? What possessed you to make such a decision and are you satisfied with it.

This whole post really just boils down to what is the meaning of life. Because now faced with all these decisions I’m confused, scared, a little excited, but more than anything. I’m lost. Absolutely, invariably lost. So I ask. What’s next?

After living in a routine for the last almost 21 years of my life I can’t shake the need for that structure. So my only option to this, to make sure I’m not lost anymore, is to create my own routine.

I have come to realize that this will end up being mostly self-discovery, because I know that the meaning of life is always different. With each person the meaning of life ought to be different if everyone is different. Even if we’re all the same inside biologically, our minds and character are what make us individual.

Like the saying ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’, I believe that the meaning of life can only be discovered by the person searching for it. Every living person has their own meaning of life. But how do you go about finding it? Does it just come to you suddenly out of the blue? Has it built up over the years and years of experiencing what life has to offer? When do you figure out what your meaning of life is?

I’ve heard that some people go throughout life not knowing. I don’t want to be one of those people. When I think about it I guess it’s natural that I don’t know yet, but I am looking for some direction, maybe a little bit of hope. Where did you begin. Where do I begin? What’s next?