Majority Leader Mitch McConnell / Photo:

Majority Leader McConnell, you scare me.

Mr. McConnell, I’ll admit: you scare me. You’re now, technically, the most cunning politician in Washington. That title belonged to the Clintons for decades. But don’t feel too honored with the promotion. They’re still more cunning than you; after all, it took a foreign government to intervene and remove them from Washington… temporarily. They’re still players, and will likely be back. And until then, it would also be wise not to get too comfortable with the promotion, either, for you’ll be constantly fending off Mr. “I don’t want the Speakership…. ok I’ll take it,” Paul Ryan for the title spot.

But nonetheless, congratulations in the short term. I will say, watching you at work is eerily similar to watching the Underwoods at play with a House of Cards.

I realize that writing you with the generic “I oppose this bill because of…” message is a waste of both of our time. You know why a majority in this nation oppose this murderous legislation to repeal Obamacare and to gut Medicaid. You know what you’ve devised doesn’t serve them, but instead, serves the twisted ideology the zealots within your party espouse. You know it gives you great power to appease them, and that scoring a win only empowers you more.

So I’m writing to tell you that while you scare me, and while those who long for a better solution for our country’s healthcare and safety net have their backs against the ropes, I will still use my loud voice — though I won’t go raspy screaming at you. Instead, I’ll scream at all the others in Congress who maybe aren’t as cunning as you.

I’ll tell them:

Take your dirty, special interest-stained fingers off Medicaid and our nation’s healthcare. Stop spilling lies saying Obamacare is imploding. The public knows more than you think. We know Obamacare’s only failings are borne out of Republican obstructionism and sabotage over the past seven plus years. Your soundbites are lies aimed to appease 300 of our nation’s richest families and those who lobby on their behalf.

I’ll tell them that if one day well into the future they seek to wiggle their way into the seat Mr. McConnell now claims, they better be willing to do everything he has done over his long career to have “earned” that seat. And maybe, just maybe, they’ll realize it’s in their best political interest to be patient, to scheme, obstruct, and pounce just as their mentor did.

I wish you the very worst in the vote ahead,

M. S. Warner