Build something great…be featured in Product Hunt

Tool Watcher has been featured in the top ten daily hunts! That’s what I thought when I woke up that morning. It is still amazing to think how much we have grown in two months. But how did all of this start? First off, build something awesome, something that solves a problem, something that people want, something that you are not only proud of but passionate about. Easy enough, right? But how do you really know that what you have created has any value? You need to show the world, and that’s exactly what I did with Tool Watcher.

The Journey

When I started working on Tool Watcher I wanted to build a site where you can learn about every tool you need to manage and grow a startup. Along the way I realized there is so much more this site could offer. I decided to also do a monthly newsletter that includes Tool Watcher Updates, Tool Box, a section to discuss startup tools and resources and Startup Spotlight, a section where we feature a startup interview. This ended up being a hit! We had so many subscribers reaching out to receive this newsletter, especially after being featured on Product Hunt.

Of course we have competitors. There are other sites that do exist which provide help to those who are looking for tools. But I scoped an opportunity to do it different and in a more productive way for everyone involved. I built Tool Watcher to offer a unique experience. Anyone can compare features and do research, but we offer a service with a consultant by your side, to not only save you money but time. You may subscribe to a tool and it’s not until you use it that you realize it doesn’t work like you expected it to.

Product Hunt gave us an edge, people learned about Tool Watcher and that we not only offer a monthly newsletter but that we also take time to understand their business needs, team and budget, before we recommend what tools they should use. Entrepreneurs can’t afford to lose time or money so we help you get it right the first time.

Lessons Learned

So you might be wondering, what did I learn from this journey? In a nutshell…take your idea, create a strategy, build your product and go!

Use Product Hunt to spread the word to an awesome entrepreneur and tech aficionado community. They will provide you with great feedback and will validate if what you have been working so hard on is a great product or service. The last and more important lesson…every entrepreneur is different and your gut is your best friend during this process so trust it and follow it.

We still have a lot of work ahead of us in 2016 but we are excited about it. Hopefully you will follow us and see how we evolve during this year.

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