#RandomThoughts: Why I advise you to look outside your 9am-5pm day job

We are taught to go to school, finish college, get master’s degree if you want to and eventually land a job, a high paying one. Who doesn’t love that? But did you ever imagine a place or things you’d rather be doing if you’re not working at the moment? Do you see yourself doing something different than what the status quo is dictating you? How about you look beyond your work pace and discover life beyond it. Would you dare move out at your comfort zone?
 5 years ago, I struggle to decide whether to give up my job or not. It was a constant battle of security and trying new things and environment. I was caught up with my fear that If I gave up my job, would I still find another one? Is it worth to leave a place where you know you are secured at least financially. To add up with that fear is the fact that, it was my first job…and I am just starting to spread my wings, to prove my worth as a young professional. You are at the stage where everyone around you, specially your family, expects you to do good at your job, and make your own money to eventually help them live a comfortable life…that’s the goal, that’s still my goal up to now… to work hard to give my family the life that they deserved… not the extravagant one, but at least something comfortable for them. Your family became your driving force, and to lose a job that time is terrifying. You don’t know where you gonna get the money to at least support yourself for the next six months. Of course, it will be a burden to your parents if you keep on relying to them. The fear of losing a job that time is tantamount to my fear of the unknown…because you can’t expect the universe to hand down the things you need without working for it.
 It took me 5 months from the time that I entertained the idea of quitting my job to finally hand over my resignation letter. It was one of the hardest decision I did that time. Why it was hard? Because I love the people I’ve worked with back then. It’s more of a personal matter to me. It’s like leaving your family behind, because you’ve lost your way and you can’t find the satisfaction and passion anymore. I am the kind of person that wanted a personal touch on things I do. I mainly work because I love my craft. I found out as well that time, that I am not usually motivated by money. What motivates me is something that will inspire people. So I took that leap of faith, hoping that I made the right decision, and YES… I DID.
 The journey to finding the real essence of life is never ending. After I quit the job. I re-assess my choices and eventually find myself on a journey that leads me to where I am right now. It was not an easy journey, everyday you will be reminded of your choices and decisions and even question yourself if it’s necessary or not, if it’s correct or not. That wont matter anymore. What will matter is whether you’re happy or not with how things are working in your life.
 On the first 2 years, I work online, at home… and I love the freedom I get. That is a whole new level of work experience for me. I love the fact that I own my time, that means I can look at other areas of my life where I can improve, other plans that I want to take into actions, other dreams that I wanted to continue pursuing.
 You see? By this time.. you will be thinking beyond what you just see in the surface. You will end up seeking for new experiences, for new working arrangement that will work for you. Remember, it’s your life. You have a total control over it. This time you probably know that life isn’t about the money you earn, or spent. It’s always that place where you can be happy by just doing what you love to do, while pursuing the things that you still want to do. By this time, after the fear, comes your courage to brave the unknown and seek for genuine happiness.
 So what’s my reward? It’s a matter of knowing what you want to do, and channel all your energy towards it. I am still working online on a part time basis, and I am working part time too at a local office, I get to manage a small business, and I get to travel places, and finally I get the chance to go back to my first love…WRITING…which is why you’re able to read this now. Do you get the picture? It’s maximizing the things you can still do, and that is the reason why I encourage you to look outside your working hours, and look within yourself. I am pretty sure you have something in mind at the moment which you would want to start doing…Go for it! Try to realize your other dreams and hold on to that prize you are aiming.
 When the journey on leap of faith, braves the fear of the unknown…the result is REWARDING…

God Bless!
 #RandomThoughts | #MsXysaRhea | 06.6.2016

Originally published at www.msxysarhea.com on June 6, 2016.