32 Do’s and Don’ts of a Relationship

8 min readJan 23, 2022

Falling in love is one thing and being in a relationship is another. A relationship is when two individuals vow to live their entire lives together and be together through thick and thin. There are certain do’s and don’ts in a relationship that will make your relationship vehement and beautiful. Expressing your feelings, communicating them, and trusting each other are the most important components of a happy relationship.
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Do’s in relationship

1. Learn to trust each other.

Trusting each other is the fundamental part of a relationship. If you love your partner then you should be able to trust them. How can it work? if you are planning to spend your whole life with them but you are not willing to trust them. You doubt their feelings, affection, and passion for you.

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2. Honesty in a relationship

Relationships that last forever are the ones in which both partners are honest with each other. They don’t lie about anything. A relationship works when you are transparent about your emotions, feelings, and desires. You should freely tell your partner what is making you uncomfortable so that you can both work on them and find a solution.

3 .Respect your partner

In a relationship respecting each other is even more significant than love. A woman is not a slave to a man They have their own identity and personality. Men and women are equal in a relationship so man should respect their women. Physical or verbal abuse done either by man or woman destroys the relationship.

4. Be loyal in a relationship

It is very important to note that you should not commit to a relationship until you are ready. Once you have committed then don’t look around and try to find a better match for yourself. No one is perfect, you can always find someone hotter, richer, and smarter than your partner but does that mean you will leave them. It is a cycle that will never end so always be loyal in a relationship and never cheat on your partner.

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5. Respect the personal space of your partner

Don’t continuously check on your girl when she is hanging out with her girlfriends and let your boyfriend/husband have quality time with his friends. Don’t stalk each other on social media or try to check their phones or laptops. It is their personal space so respect them.

6. Cheer and motivate them to be a better version of themselves

Even if the world is criticizing them you should always stand by them. Support them and motivate them to achieve their goals. Encourage them to become a better version of themselves. Provoke them to let go of their bad habits, do it with love and care instead of forcing them to do anything.

7. Learn to compromise

When people with different backgrounds come together; there would be many things they don’t agree upon. So discuss those things with your partner and try to come up with a solution. You should be flexible to make compromises for your loved ones and try not to force a decision on one another.

8. Set mutual hobby

You can work out together, which will keep both of you in good health and shape. There are many things u can do together like watching seasons, reading, etc. So discuss it with your partner and start from today because it makes your bond stronger and unbreakable.

9. Respect each other’s family

In a good relationship, it’s essential to respect the family of your partner, especially their parents. Socialize and interact with your significant half’s family whenever it is necessary and required.

10. Never forget to express your feelings

It is essential to say those 3 magic words to your soul mate and appreciate them for their existence. Send them romantic texts, poetry, and songs.

11 . Exchange gifts and surprise them

Giving gifts increases the love as it shows that you care for the person and he/she is important to you. You don’t have to buy expensive gifts; less expensive stuff could also work. Giving surprises on birthdays, anniversaries and other important events shows that for you they are the most important person and you are willing to put some extra effort to make them jubilant.

12. Focus on the habits you adore in your life partner rather on the ones you hate

There may be a few habits that you dislike in your life partner but there will be many habits you adore. You should focus on the good habits of your life partner instead of the ones you dislike.

13. Support your partner in a tough time.

There will be a time when your partner will face failure or come across any other difficulty or tragedy. In those catastrophic events, you should stand by your partner and help them get through their tough times.

14.No toxic relationships.

Even after trying everything in a relationship things are not working out then you should break up. For instance, you are the only one who is showing love and care while your partner is cheating on you and causing you emotional distress then it is better to end that relationship instead of dragging it.

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15. Express your true feelings with them

For ladies, when your partner asks you what’s wrong, don’t reply with ‘’nothing I am fine”. Instead, express your feeling with them whatever they may be. Men are the worst mind reader they cannot know until you tell them so be aware ladies.

16. Admit when you are wrong and apologize

Where there is love there could be no ego. Whenever you realize that you have made a mistake apologize to your partner and make them a promise not to repeat it.

17. Keep the spark alive

Treat your partner as you treated them at the inception of the relationship when you were trying to impress them and win their heart. Keep doing that never cease to impress them be hot and charming for them. For boys be a gentleman.

18. Offer to pay bills

Men should pay bills when you go for a dinner or a date but sometimes ladies can offer to pay the bill as well. It is a gesture which shows you are two equals in this relationship and you like to spend on your man.

19. Know the mood of your significant other.

You should be able to predict the mood of your partner. When you are not sure ask them how they are feeling. You should be considerate of their mood instead of just considering yours only.

Don’ts of relationship

1. Don’t hide your true self

In a perfect relationship mind, body and soul connects. Don’t hide your true self from your partner. When a person is faking their personality ultimately truth will come out and your partner will get hurt in the process. So don’t be shy to show your weaknesses, vulnerability to your partner express your true self to them.

2. Don’t force your decisions on one another

You should not dictate to each other what to do and what not to. Let them take independent decisions. It is vital to take advice from them in important matters of life. The key to a beautiful relationship is to take mutual decisions in important matters of life like buying a house, car, moving to another city or country, starting a job or business, etc. Discuss it with your partner make mutual decisions and remember to compromise.

3. Don’t forget to Compliment them

You should learn to appreciate their beauty and the positive aspects of their personality. Never take your BAE for granted. Once in a while, you can brag about them on social media and express your feelings publicly. It is not essential but will make your partner’s day. You are not the only one who finds them attractive if you are not willing to compliment them someone else will and things could get messy.

4. Don’t sleep angry

Arguments and fights are inevitable; they come along when you subscribe to the package of relationships. It is worth noting that when you fight you should not go to bed angry, make it a rule of relationship, and stick by it or you should not spend more than 24 hours while being angry with each other. Sit down discuss and sort the matter out.

5. Don’t belittle your partner

Don’t mock your partner if they fail in their chores. You mustn’t belittle your partner. You should support them when they are having bad junctures. Also don’t compare your partner with someone else or your relationship with others.

6. Don’t use your phone when your partner is talking to you

We have become so addicted to technology, friends sitting in a restaurant together are busy with their phones rather than talking with each other, and children instead of talking to their parents are engaged in electronic gadgets. You should never use your phone when talking with your partner if something is really important then ask them to excuse you. You should give your full attention to your partner when they are expressing themselves as it is the key to a happy relationship.

7. Don’t be a cry baby about work and life

Don’t be lazy, pessimistic, and cry baby about work and life 24/7. Sometimes it’s ok to feel down but making it a habit is a complete turn-off. Be energetic, optimistic, and motivated, this will certainly attract your bae.

8. Don’t share your private stuff with others

You should keep the private details of your relationship to yourself, no one needs to know how you make love and what are the things you argue about. It is your private space so never share your intimate details with anyone because they may use them against you and turn them into gossip.

9. Don’t argue in public

Be prudent don’t argue in public take your arguments and sort them out in your private space. You should not ridicule your partner in front of a third person. Even if both of you are angry don’t exhibit that in public and be normal in presence of others.

10. Don’t bring up the past

Couples mustn’t give references to previous fights and arguments, learn to absolve and forget. Also, don’t bring stuff about their past relationships and use that against them.

11. Don’t bring the office to your home

You should not bring your office home; give time to your partner rather than being a workaholic. There should be a balance between work and other matters of daily life.

12. Don’t be too serious

Try to make your partner laugh, be naughty and playful. You should not be serious and a bore, play video games, board games, watch Netflix and have some fun.

13.Know the mood of your significant other.

You should be able to envisage the mood of your partner. When you are not sure ask them how they are feeling. You should be considerate of their mood instead of only considering yours.