zilmorph #66

Why you should get one

Owning a Zilmorph makes you eligible for zilmorph airdrops, we will be doing that with the 100 zilmorphs we reserved from the 8000 existing.

How do I get one?

The zilmorph sale will commence shortly after sufficient awareness is gained, so that one cannot frontrun others and grab all of the morphs at the begining!


  1. Zimorphs will be sold for the Zilliqa bridge assets zWBTC, zETH, zUSDT.
  2. Zilmorph airdrops for zilmorph owners! (Using the 100 zilmorphs reserved for marketing purposes)
  3. Zilmorphs join a NFT marketplace!
  4. Zilmorphs release RNG games with $ZIL prices, having a stronger zilmorph (more agility, strength or inteligence) will increase your chances in the games!



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