“What Happened?” — Hillary forgot about Brexit

Hillary Clinton’s 500 page book titled “What Happened” mentions Brexit in passing once in exactly one sentence. 500 pages on the 2016 election and not even a paragraph on Brexit!!!???

So, What Really Happened? Hillary Clinton and a segment of the Democratic establishment still don’t have a clue — and that is one of the main reasons Trump became president.

The 2016 election, even with the unfair attacks on Hillary Clinton (e.g. Benghazi, the e-mails), the misogyny, and the Russian meddling should have been a landslide win for the Democratic party against an incredibly unpopular Donald Trump. Unfortunately, Hillary Clinton turned out to be nearly as unpopular, with more voters actually choosing to vote for Trump because of their distaste for Hillary than chose to vote for Hillary because of their distaste for Trump.

Why was Hillary Clinton so unpopular? While Hillary may not have been great at creating the kind of passion in her supporters that Bernie Sanders did, that was probably not a major driver of her unpopularity. The lack of focus on Brexit leads many to miss a critical point. Globally, there has been a movement on the right (and the left) against free trade. Brexit was a result of this shift. In the USA, the greatest symbol of free trade is NAFTA … and the chief symbol of NAFTA second only to Bill Clinton would be his wife — Hillary. In a world that had shifted against free trade, Hillary Clinton was simply the wrong candidate at the wrong time.

Excerpts from “What Happened” that mention Brexit:

The single mention of Brexit in relation to the 2016 election. Clinton was discussing Democratic Senator Mark Pryor’s loss to Senator Tom Cotton in 2014:

“But the politics of cultural identity and resentment were overwhelming evidence, reason, and personal experience. It seemed like “Brexit” had come to America even before the vote in the United Kingdom, and it didn’t bode well for 2016.”

Clinton, Hillary Rodham. What Happened. Simon & Schuster. 2017

The other mention of Brexit was in relation to Cambridge Analytica:

“After reports were published raising questions about whether Cambridge Analytica played a role in Brexit, British authorities are now investigating the company’s alleged role with Leave.eu … “