Shazam vs Noisy power supply!

For the last couple of days, I was trying to build a Home Router for better control over my Internet. I had an Old PC lying around, covered in bags of dust, so I decided to revive it and make an awesome Ubuntu-based router out of it! It has a very old, cheap and noisy PSU installed on it, and I didn’t want to upgrade the PSU. During the installation process, I noticed a strange behavior from Siri and Shazam on my MacOS. The sound/noise generated by PSU’s fan making Shazam thinks there is a song playing around! But strange enough, every time, Shazam outputs a totally different song name!

Shazam and Siri (which is based on Shazam!)

Here is a 60 second recorded audio from my noisy power supply.

And here is a long list of Songs that Shazam thinks its playing!