Concept of Dowry

FAKE PRIDE “The best of marriage is that which is made easiest”, these were the wordings of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) regarding marriages and what we see in our society is a complete opposite of it. We all are familiar with the word “Dowry” and it is commonly used in our society when there is a wedding in a family. What is Dowry? In simple words it’s a curse on the parents, a price they pay to the groom’s family in order to get their daughters married.

Its not always monetary depending on the demands of the groom’s family it can be land, house, car, gold etc. In our society groom’s side has an upper hand so they can demand whatever they fell like regardless of the social status of a bride’s family. Some ask it for money and some for the purpose to show off but I believe whoever ask for dowry does it for the sake of fake pride. Isn’t this some kind of blackmailing to say, we will keep your daughter happy if you give this amount of money or this KG gold at the time of wedding? To me this is unethical and immoral. Does happiness can only be associated with material things? What about the bride herself who is a daughter or sister of someone, who invest sweat and blood in their upbringing so that they can have a better future.

Today when they think of their marriage they first make arrangements for the money to be used for preparing dowry. Being a guy I totally disregard this custom. No one has a right to burden someone unnecessarily, its parents will to give their daughter whatever they want to or whatever they can afford. Dowry is a disease and it’s affecting our society badly. From getting divorce to murder we have heard all such cases of girls being victimized for this. From educated to illiterate everyone practice this custom and they feel no shame instead they feel pride in showcasing the dowry they receive from bride. Dowry system raises many issues such as increased debts, psychological problems, girl suicide cases, inequality and what not. Parents are sometimes forced to opt for unfair means to earn money for dowry or they take debts, which takes years to payback. If demands of groom’s side are not fulfilled girls often face torture and it make them so frustrated that they think of giving up their lives. This is complete injustice and there is no one to stop this evil. We live in 21st century but we practice primitive customs and traditions with pride. There is no pride in flaunting money you get after much sacrifices. And above all there is no pride in using someone else’s money or property. It’s high time we should awake our morals and stop this disease before it takes all our girls to graveyard.

Girl’s and Guys’s parents should also stop getting blackmailed and raise voice against it so no one can force them to perform such unfair customs. Our religion and our morals doesn’t support dowry in any case so its need to be eliminated from our society. Marriage should be aimed to have mutual happiness not for increasing wealth or property.


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