The Problem you don’t Want to Run in Your Genes

There are four windows in the Johari windows illustration. One of the windows states that a part of you is left in the dark and you’ll only know about it once it pops out during your lifetime. It can be a sickness that runs in your family. It can be any medical condition such as twins, abnormalities, or genes problem. It remains to be a secret until you discover it during your time on earth. If the secret that is revealed is positive, then it is welcome information for you. If the secret is a genetic problem, then it’s up to you how you will respond to it.

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An example of this secret is baldness

It can be a secret if none from the close generation of your family is bald. But if your father, mother or siblings are bald then you have an open secret. The thing about baldness is that it can deplete somebody’s confidence. It can affect someone’s self-trust and will hardly accept that fact. On the other hand, the wig has been produced to create a replacement for lost hair.

Another positive sight for bald people is the hair transplant center

An advanced work of technology that helps creates new hair for the bald part of the head. It some areas of the planet, this is expensive. But for some who can spend money, this is a positive opportunity.

God has created mystery in this world. And one of the mysteries that human cannot resolve fully is the baldness. There are no medicines that make human’s hair re-grow once it is uprooted. There are certain ages when our hair loss takes effect hair transplant center. And once it starts, no shampoo or conditioner can stop it.

An honest talk is that not all hair growers are effective. But if you have enough money to spend, a hair transplant can be a source of re-growth for your hair loss. It is not an easy act to do. Some who have undergone with this transplant have had their confidence back.

You can also consider this transplant an investment. It’s an investment of self-confidence that grows beyond normal. You can have your younger year’s joy back. The baldness is not an easy problem if you have it in your genes. But thanks to science and technology, you can make your lost hair back to its position.

Start saving money. If you have a skinny head, start working for a transplant. This is the answer to your baldness issue.

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