That day

A very random rough piece I threw down:

It was just a shortcut. That’s what she told herself as she turned on the street to cut through the neighborhood past his house, staring directly ahead.

As she approached the corner, she thought she had made a wrong turn. There were cars everywhere, people rushing in and out, among houses and lawns. She slowed to let them wander to their destinations. Her heart raced just a little. She was almost at the end of the road. Why did they have to slow her down? She was planning to drift by unnoticed.

She stopped to catch her breath and try to find enough space to maneuver around the cars parking, concentrate to ignore the noise, watch for people. A young couple passed her car, and she waited to let them pass. Her glance must have lingered, because the woman turned back to look at her. Her gaze was uncomfortable, almost in return. Unfortunately, it was a face she knew well. That unmistakeable expression belonged to a dear friend of the man who had not been in her life for some time. Shit, she thought. Oh, shit. It was today. His engagement party was today.

She reversed into the next empty driveway and peeled out, not bothering to watch the road ahead, which was almost clear.