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Thanks to the general elections and ICC World Cup, 2019 was a stellar year for the Indian advertising industry. According to a report published by Dentsu Aegis Network, we are likely to report a year on year growth of 11.4% and clock revenues of Rs.697 billion, therefore becoming the third largest, after China and the US and like last year, with a growth of 32.7% digital took the center stage.

The shift of allocation of Ad Spends from traditional to digital media is happening at a rapid pace. In 2020 digital is set to grow at 32%, almost three times…

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Fish farming could potentially be the answer to our food scarcity problems

When one thinks of farming, one hardly thinks of fish eggs! The concept of aquaculture however late to develop, has revolutionised food consumption across the globe. However, India, which has a large fishing industry, operates primarily on the capture of naturally occurring fish. As such, a move to aquaculture will be both, a challenge and a necessity.

2014 was the first year where the amount of farmed seafood consumed worldwide, exceeded the amount of naturally occurring seafood. Fish farming in its modern day conception began in Germany in 1733. …

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Marketing in 2015

In one of my previous post ‘Brands as Publishers’, I left you with an image of how the media landscape is shifting and creating a new paradigm of Brand communication. With this in mind, I want to shine some light on the path forward to show where we need to go and what the first steps look like; all based on our in-depth research and trends analysis.

The consumer today are not interested in your advertisement, they want a conversation that they control. At the core of this transformation is the growing digital first consumption preference of…

Customers Don’t Want Ads, They Want Conversations

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Marketing function, as we knew it has changed a lot since the time the first digital advert appeared almost two decade ago. In this connected society, the focus has radically shifted in favor of the consumer. If one looks at the media ecosphere today, the traditional media is at odds with newsfeed.

We live in an era where social is how consumers hear about us, search is how they find us and content is how remember and connect with us.

This shift requires technology adoption, new approaches, and, in many cases, entirely new roles for marketers. …

GRAMMY, a name that has become synonymous with the best and the biggest names in the music industry. Not many know that though the name is old, the phenomenon is fairly new. The Recording Academy has quite recently transformed itself from a once-per-year TV Awards show to Music’s Biggest Brand, thanks to the incredible power and reach of its innovative digital media campaigns.

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It isn’t just popularity that drove 30.15 million TV viewers and 34 million social media interactions for the 56th GRAMMY Awards on January 26th. As Evan Greene, chief marketing officer at The Recording Academy puts it, “These…

“Marketing takes a day to learn. Unfortunately it takes a lifetime to master.” ~ Phil Kolter

Marketing function, as we knew it has changed a lot since the time the first digital advert appeared almost two decade ago. In this connected society, the focus has radically shifted in favor of the consumer. This focus is driven by three key factors; A self educated consumer, powered by search; conversations driven by social media, and the perpetual connectivity powered by ever increasing penetration of the Internet. The resultant change in consumer behaviour is the new marketing challenge.

The year 2013 marked paradigm shift in thinking, when marketers finally realised that the days of campaign-centricity are over; the customer…

In five years classroom will learn you 

Last week I was invited to speak at TiE Conference at Cochin where entrepreneurs, venture capitalist, angle investors, geeks, startup mentors and senior executives assembled to foster the sprite of entrepreneurship. I was asked to focus my presentation on “The future of Learning Innovation”.

As a digital strategist closely associated with learning technology space, part of my work is to studying disruptive digital technology and its impact on learning. I also study how disruptive technologies affect consumer behavior. As this allows me to connect what is possible with what will get consumer adoption.

Education technology industry is not new. The…

Enable people to win

You use hundreds of products in your daily life. While you may not have any brand preference for some products, for others no other brand would do. Why the difference? What is it about some brands that others simply don’t have? How did these brands earn your loyalty? The answer can be stated in two simple words — ‘emotional connection’.

Emotional connection is something that every brand needs to evoke in a market. It shows the vision in a brand’s strategy. It goes to show that the company is not trying to make a quick sale and then close shop…

A Complex Game of ‘Timing’ and ‘Continuity’ 

Ever wondered why melodramatic television shows are called “soap operas”? The etymology of the term is quite interesting. When the first airing began, these shows were primarily sponsored by soap and detergent manufacturing companies like P&G, whose target market was women who purchased these products and were often engaged in household activities at the time of viewing.

That’s the most fundamental goal of marketing; to reach consumers at those crucial moments when their decisions are most likely to be influenced. We see this phenomenon everywhere these days. Whether it’s the high definition videos playing on television sets in electronics stores…

The Amalgamation of Entrepreneurship & Politics

More often than not a successful startup venture begins with nothing but a bunch of dedicated, zealous, capable, inspired and sometimes naïve individuals. Their ideas are often ridiculed or tagged as too revolutionary to have any practical value. However, as startups have proved time and again, no one can predict the future. A great idea, strong focus, a good product, smart thinking and thoughtful execution can catapult you from the side-lines into the thick of the game. Recently we saw this phenomenon come to life at the 2013 Delhi elections.

With almost no political experience, resources which were a mere…

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