4 Amazing Hotel Alternatives for a Comfy Stay in Beirut

Beirut, the capital and the largest city of Lebanon receives countless footfalls every year. Travelers, from all across the world visit this lively city. However, often they restrict themselves to hotels for accommodation. The happy news is there are plenty of comfortable and affordable hotel alternatives are available in the city.

Let us take a look.


To enjoy an apartment-like space with hotel-type luxury, aparthotels are the best option. They have transformed the accommodation option for travelers, especially if for a group of 4–5 people. Aparthotels offer some private space to globetrotters where they can even cook for themselves.


Studio apartments are another version of aparthotels. They are often known for their luxury and comfort. They consist of a regular two or three bedroom apartments especially provided with plenty of amenities and convenience for guests, for example, seating area, living space, air conditioning, bathroom facilities, well-stocked kitchen, gym, bicycles or free transport, etc.

They are ideal for a small family. You can easily find studio for rent in Beirut.


Homestay is perfect for those globetrotters who love to stay with local people and wish to experience authentic travel experience. A homestay gives good opportunity to mingle with the host, taste the local cuisine of the place and explore the place in a better way.

Home exchanges

If you have watched The Holiday, you must have a perfect idea what a home exchange is! If you are okay to let others into your house and swap with someone else’s space, home exchange is a superb option for you. You can locate such a house on home-exchange websites which usually come with either free or a low yearly membership.

Next time you plan a trip, you can make it memorable by exploring these awesome hotel alternatives. Share your experience with us.