Online Credit Card Processing

Today online shopping has become a big thing. Millions of internet users are involved in purchasing products of their choice from various eCommerce portals. Online shoppers are looking to get the same benefits that they get while shopping in a retail outlet; one such benefit is the wide range of payment methods. Having different payment methods on online shopping portal makes customers more relaxed and comfortable while purchasing stuffs online.

If you have an online shopping portal, then it is vital that you accept credit and debit cards to grab more footfalls and improve your sales. However, most of the time business owners are not able to comprehend the starting point to get online credit card processing system implemented on their site. This article will prove to be helpful in figuring out what sort of online processing system for your online business.

Get a Merchant Account
In order to accept credit or debit cards, online businesses need to have an online merchant account together with a payment gateway. This merchant account needs to be secure and provide high-quality service. Since the customer would be making payment online, confidentiality and security of the information is vital to operate a successful business.

The decision to find an adequate payment gateway provider you need to do thorough research, just like you did for every other business decision. Most of the merchant accounts do attract setup, application and minimum monthly fees, but there are a few service providers who do not attach too many charges for you to avail their business. Therefore, make sure that you find a provider that not only understands the needs of your business, but also doesn’t charges extraordinary fees.

Accepting Credit Card Payments Online
Online business can accept credit card payments in two ways, which are as follows:

Real time online credit card processing
In this payment format, customers are required to submit their payment information and a payment gateway processes the payment online. The payment gets processed instantly, but there are additional transactional charges, which sort of demoralizes the user.

Card present or swiped
In this method the card information is collected by the merchant via swiping the credit card by means of a credit card terminal or mobile card reader. The cost incurred by this practice is quite less in comparison to online transactions.

Selecting a Merchant
When looking for a merchant that provides different online payment services, you might want to go with your local bank, as banks are quite reliable when it comes to financial matters. However, if you have a merchant account with an offline credit card processing service, then just ask them to include online card processing feature in your account.

Bottom Line
Online credit card processing system is essential for the success of an online shopping portal. Therefore, get a merchant account and integrate a payment gateway with your eCommerce website to improve your sales.

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