Back at it like a crack addict…

Soooo… I’ve tried “blogging” for quite a while and for one reason or another I could never maintain a level of consistency… with posting, that is. Unfortunately, I’ve written much more than I’ve ever bothered to post. Until now.

I’m baaaaaack

Since beginning this new journey of building my own Tech Startup, I’ve only written about a few things including the moment I decided I would die for my startup. Although I haven’t posted anything else I’ve authored, I recently realized that this form of true expression is therapeutic for me. That said, I also realized that my writing could perhaps be therapeutic/helpful for someone else.. or just entertaining, at the very least. So I’ve made the decision that I’ll be writing (and posting) much more. The topics will span a few things, but it will mostly (at least for now) be related to my journey of building a tech startup. The good, the bad, and all the fucked up stuff in between.

I always find it helpful when I stumble across other founders who chronicle their journey. However, I noticed that most of them write about the troubling times after they’ve already figured things out and reached success, or when they’ve already crashed and burned — providing only a recap of their demise. I’ll be taking a different approach — I’ll be writing about the journey in real time! Or as real-time as crazy times like this allow for.

My posts will usually be written during train rides to the office (like this one) or late nights when I take a break from the grind.. or maybe even on the shitter. They will be posted in their rawest form with limited review and revision because I just don’t have time to proof read it (partly why other posts never made it to see the light of day).

So let’s get to it! You can check out my newest “MTB Blog Log” post:

“Four Fs: Faith, Family, Future, Football… Founder”.



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