If the question was, “Why did these young women start drinking?” then the answer might be this or that social factor.
These are good points, but I explained my bias up front.
Robert Barber

I do think the question posed in the original article is more along the lines of, “why did these young women start drinking?” I’d frame it slightly differently as “why is there a trend of young women drinking/using and why is it so normalized that it’s made its way into dance music?”

I don’t believe that young women generally possess more self-awareness that the average addict. I do believe that the artists in question probably do, as that’s really part of their job. Also as far as I know, most of these women are not actually addicts singing their autobiographies. They are tapping into wider cultural feelings and trends.

It is incredibly valuable to focus on what gets people well. But I’m sure you’d agree it is likewise valuable to keep people from addiction in the first place. My only point was that these two goals probably require very different approaches, and we should not believe that they are in conflict with each other. Both are valid and necessary. There is nothing wrong with your focus. Likewise there is nothing wrong with focusing elsewhere.