I have an idea that Mercedes Matter deserves more credit for having dedicated herself to starting an art school called the NY Studio School and also that lots of alumni would agree and have interesting things to say about it if there was a place for them to gather. I’d like to collect stuff and eventually publish a book and maybe have a website where archival photo’s and film can be located for anyone interested to enjoy. As background the school was started in 1964 and for many years offerred no degree. It was an intense place where you were expected to paint and draw for 8 hours or more per day, and it was open day and night. Basically you found your own way and great artists came by occasionally and gave you the benefit of their experiences. One of the really nice community aspects was that each day a different student was responsible for making lunch for the rest of the school. Because it offered no degree it only attracted the most passionate and committed students, there was no schedule and no timeframe for graduation. Now im old and i really miss the special environement that allowed the school to exist and i want to see if i can find other people interested in recreating it. If you would like to help with this effort please contact me and ill use this site to keep people informed on the progress of the book project etc . thanks

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