I have an idea that Mercedes Matter deserves more credit for having dedicated herself to starting…
michael tcheyan

Mercedes and the Vietnam War resistance

Dear Alumni,

I remember being at the school in the early 70’s and one day Mercedes came in and announced that all of us should drop what we are doing and go to the large painting studio across from the library and help paint an anti vietnam war flag to be hung outside the school during the upcoming anti-vietnam war march on washington.

It’s a little embarrassing to admit that I was one of many who initially recoiled from the suggestion. We were full of “art is pure” and “art is not about politics” etc. But after a while of listening to Mercedes i saw that she was right and I went up and helped, and in the coming days the school had an awesome black anti war flag hanging from the flagpole that is still there at the school. (the flagpole not the flag itself).

I’m recalling this incident because I’d like to ask all alumni to consider signing a petition ive started over at Change.org calling on Warren Buffet to speak out about the major fraud that has just occurred at Wells Fargo since he is one of the largest shareholders in the Bank. It’s incredible to me that no one is being prosecuted for this and that the no senior executive is being punished while 5300 lower level employees have been fired and are having the fraud blamed on them when all they did was what their bosses told them too. And it’s very hypocritical of Buffet, who cultivates a reputation for being highly ethical, not to condemn his senior executives who work for him as a large shareholder.

The link to the petition is https://www.change.org/p/warren-buffet-warren-buffet-should-criticize-wells-fargo-for-stealing

Please consider signing it and sharing it with your networks too. It would be great if you would also leave a comment while you are at it.

I think that was one of the great things about Mercedes, she believed in life and being involved and she was always encouraging those of us who leaned toward introversion to take risks even though at the time we did not always realize what she was saying. For whatever reason its taken me about 45 years and raising a family and pursuing false goals at the expense of real goals to fully understand what she was saying and actually im still learning.


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