Make America Think Again

Get to Know the Real Anti-Establishment Candidate

I didn’t expect to be writing this so early. I figured the day would come. But again, I did not expect it to happen this quickly.

I look back to the Fall; I remember watching the debates just being fascinated. In my lifetime, I do not believe I have witnessed such a large group on the debate stage or a more diverse list of candidates.

I never thought to myself the current front-runner would be where he is today. With this in mind, I kept my mouth shut and watched; much like the rest of the audience (I say audience, because that’s what we have really become in this. Spectators.). It wasn’t until January, heading into the Iowa Caucus, when I realized the current front-runner had momentum and this was no longer a joke. It was time to take my head out of the sand.

My group of friends and family will have recognized this was the month, the month of January 2016, when I began voicing my opinion about the current front-runner.

Before I go any further, I must backtrack a little to share I have considered myself a “conservative” for all of my life. However, over the past 10 years I have questioned what that really means. Listening to the rhetoric of the Republican Party, I have some serious issues. I maintain the fact that I am fiscally conservative, but on social issues I believe the party has gone awry. This has caused me to look elsewhere over the years to see if there is a party I truly align with.

I’ve looked to the Democratic Party and agree with their stance on many social issues, but continue to be in major disagreement when it comes to government spending. This also impacts how I feel about how they plan to tackle some social issues.

With both parties we are told to vote for and side with one or the other, it is very hard (scratch that) it is impossible for me to vote for either front-runner in the Democrat or Republican party. With all of this in consideration, I have more or less joked about this for years, but I have come to the full realization that I am a Libertarian at heart. Not only am I a Libertarian, but I truly believe most of my friends, fellow Millennials, “Liberal” or “Conservative” are probably more in alignment with the Libertarian Party too; they’ve just never believed there is an alternative. Just look at the definition of Libertarian and tell me you agree or disagree.

Looking at the current political landscape, we have the front-runner on the Republican side and Hillary Clinton on the Democratic side, who none of my Liberal friends want to win either. Although I disagree with many of Bernie Sanders’ policies, I understand why so many of my friends like him and would vote for him. He is probably the most honest candidate between both established parties. I don’t believe he would take our country where it needs to be fiscally, but I respect him for the fact that you know what you’re getting when you vote for him. Sadly, name recognition looks to be winning the nominations for both parties and most people I know (Democrat or Republican) wouldn’t like to see either front-runner as the next POTUS.

Some people will ask, “but, Mitch, you haven’t mentioned Ted Cruz.” Well that’s simply because I can’t vote for anyone who believes it is right, humane and/or parallel with the Christian faith and values, to ship 13 million human beings out of the country. I could dive deeper into this theologically and disclose more about my personal faith and values, but I’ll leave it there for now. I’m not saying I’m for amnesty, but I am for a path to citizenship. I’ll save the rest for another post potentially — someday.

Other’s will ask, “well then… What about John Kasich?” For the people who ask this — I like the guy, from what I know of him. He’s probably the most likable candidate in the race. I’ve been watching The Circus on Showtime and he is definitely my favorite of all the candidates they cover. I especially like that he is the only candidate in the “Final Four” who didn’t stoop to the front-runner’s standards. Sadly, John Kasich will not win. This brings me to my next point, which may sound contradictory to what I just stated.

In my lifetime I have always been told, you should not vote for this person or that person; because they are not “electable” or “they won’t win”. I am sorry, but where and how does that align with a Republic or Democracy? It, frankly, doesn’t. This is why I am committed to voting for a Third Party candidate, Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party, in November of 2016.

Gary Johnson paid his way through college as a handyman and after graduating, turned that into the largest construction company in New Mexico. When he sold the business, it had over 1000 employees. He later became the Governor of New Mexico (a blue state), for eight years. Keep in mind, New Mexico has consistently voted Democrat and had then only voted Republican (the Party he ran under then) once since 1988. He vetoed over 750 wasteful spending bills, reduced taxes 14 times, had a balanced budget (1 of 4 in the Union by the time he left) and left the state with a billion dollar surplus all without raising taxes once.

Johnson is for personal liberty and freedom, or free will (which translates very much to socially liberal), and for a balanced budget with drastic reduction in wasteful spending (which translates very much to fiscally conservative). I suggest all of my liberal friends and conservative friends check him out — especially if you don’t want to see Hillary in office (aka: are a Bernie supporter) or would want anyone but the current front-runner of the Republican party. If you’re interested in reading more — check out his website: — and/or — read about his stance on issues at —

Johnson filed a lawsuit with the Debate Commission which will hopefully put him on the debate stage this fall for the General Election. I hope he wins the suit, because I think this can be the first time in a generation we see a third party having a real shot at winning the election. So many people probably think I’m crazy for actually believing this, but seriously — when have we had a worse pot to choose from? Also — exit polls are showing just how unhappy people will be if it’s HC vs DT and how likely people are to consider voting third party. If we choose between a R or a D this election cycle — we have to choose between a pathological liar and narcissist who is “for sale” and “bought” to get ahead or a pathological liar, narcissist, racist, bigot who “buys” those who are “for sale” to get ahead. If this is really the choice, you will be voting for the lesser of two evils or not voting at all. And in my opinion, not voting at all means you have no right to complain, pout or be angry when the next POTUS is elected. And if you tell me, “my vote doesn’t matter and doesn’t count” because the state you vote in consistently votes one way or the other — you’re complicit. Complicit with crony capitalism. Complicit with the two party system. Complicit with the culture that’s been created in America — a divisive one, I might add.

Voting Libertarian to me says we are not all crazy. We can work together. We aren’t bought and paid for as a people. We want change in the government and we want to see people treated as human beings.

So lastly, I’ll extend the same invitation to my friends and family that Gary Johnson extends to his supporters, “Be Libertarian With Me”.

Thank you.

— Mitch Williams

DISCLAIMER: I am by no way involved in the Gary Johnson campaign other than being a citizen of the United States of America who plans to vote for him in November. I’d love to help with his logo and branding though ;)