How to make a Dropdown Menu using HTML And CSS?

2 min readSep 16, 2022

CSS dropdown is an great way to increase UI and UX of an app or website. We can say a drop-down menu is a submenu of the main menu.

CSS dropdown is an effective and simple solution to improve the UI and UX of the website. Drop-down menus help users navigate the website easily by narrowing their selections. In this way, the user does not waste time on how to reach which page.

So, the main question is; how to make a dropdown menu?

The answer is simple.

This is the HTML code you are looking for the dropdown menu.

This is the CSS code for the dropdown menu.

This is the result. It is simple, class and effective. After that, you can edit the code for yourself and make an own-version of it.

Well, that’s it.




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