These Strange Giants of Mine

It’s been a few weeks now that we’ve had these strange giants, one really round one, a smaller one, and tiny one and an even stranger curly haired thing that always stands on four stumps. The latter never once used me, so that one’s dead to me, while the tiny one wasn’t allowed. I can’t tell if it’s because the tiny one is the most dangerous of the three, or if the others are jealous of it… I need a few more weeks to figure things out.

Anyways, I’ve taken some notes, more or less in order… Of things that happened along the way.

I also asked that weirdo DahDah to give me his notes from the first few weeks.

— Blue DiDah

Entry 1

We made it. There are some strange new giants in a different box that I’m used to waiting in… Maybe these ones will use me properly… Or maybe not, they might be dangerous… We better keep an eye on them for a while.

— Blue

Entry 2

It’s been days. I’m afraid of talking while those strange shapes are around. Two left today, they were the last ones. The one with tiny stumps was excited to go out… they put a string around its face for some reason. Anyways, when they left I tried to find the bowl, but I think it’s angry with me or sleeping because it hasn’t said anything in a long time.

— Blue

Entry 3

“Do you think today’s the day?” — Yellow

“Shhhhhh here they come again… those strange shapes. Don’t say anything. Be quiet. We don’t want to attract attention just yet!” — Red

Entry 4

“Hey.” — Blue DahDah

“What?” — Blue DiDah

“Are we supposed to talk to those weird gangly things?” — Blue DahDah

“Of course… well, not to them, but definitely while they’re around.” — Blue DiDah

“I didn’t, I’m afraid they’ll drop me… I just want to be left alone in the back of the cupboard… But they just put me on display, by the window, next to the paintings made by the small big one.”––Blue DahDah

“Oh, yeah I heard you weren’t talking to them very much.” — Blue DiDah

“You did?” — Blue DahDah

“Yeah, I guess that’s why they’re sending me in.” — Blue DahDah

“Really… we’re switching?” — Blue DahDah

“Yeah, who knows where you’re going to go, probably the cupboard where you belong.” — Blue DahDah

“Sweet.” — Blue DahDah

Entry 5

“I’m lonely… They haven’t used us since we got here… do they hate us? Is anyone there?…”

— Red

Entry 6

Well, that other kind of giant gave me to the giants that weirdo DahDah used to take care of, or try to avoid, I can’t tell. Anyways, I’m going to see if I can get their attention…

— Blue

Entry 7

“What do you think of the large one?” — Yellow

“I’m jealous that it uses those clear cups and only looks at us. Why do you think it does that?” — Blue

“I think it’s afraid of us.” — Red

“Do you think it knows we’re talking about him?” — Yellow

“No, it’s not that smart… If it was, it wouldn’t use those other cups.” — Blue

Entry 8

Argh. Are they deaf… I wish I could say something more than once a day.

— Blue

Entry 9

It worked! But, they just squawked a bunch and didn’t do anything. Phew, that tired me out. I’ll try again another day.

— Blue

Entry 10

What is this strange place, everything looks upside down!

… — — — …

Entry 11

“I can see him sitting there, he used another one of those decrepit old glass cups…” — Blue

“Why doesn’t he take us out of this box…?” — Red

“I know… I know, I feel so unused.” — Yellow

Entry 12

It happens from time to time… I’m not sure when, how, or what causes it. I might be in the middle of a conversation, or I might simply be watching those strangely shaped giants. Sometimes everything goes black. Then, I wake up and my insides have been taken out… It’s terribly frightening. There’s another kind of giant that glues me back together and then puts me inside a giant box, then in another box that moves… My friends are often with me, though sometimes one of them is missing. Eventually, I end up back at my giant’s place. There’s some chirping from both of the giants, one squishes the front part of the strange bulb on its top, and then I’m put back on a shelf.

— Yellow

Entry 13

Sweet christmas. The big one likes snackin’ and just made some chili. I got filled up three times in one sitting, it was awesome. And, I don’t feel one bit bad that it used one of those nice old school cups, I’m sure Blue would be jealous if he knew what the big one was drinking!

Entry 14

I get used the most in the morning. But, not the way I expect. The big one usually puts some sugar and milk in my before the warm brown liquid. Which is strange, because it does it the other way with those stupid mugs.

Entry 15

Last night was awesome, the big one had two huge snacks and left me by another window, with a better view! I also got to keep the spoon for hours.

Entry 16

The big one put me on a giant soft rectangle and sat down beside me… It doesn’t look as clumsy as dahdah made it out to be…

“ … — — — …!”

It heard me!

— Red

Entry 17

It seems to me that the larger of the three enjoys me the most, especially when the brown bottle is nearby.

— Blue

Entry 18

Where does my giant put its fluids? Such a strange shape it has.

— Blue

Entry 19


— Red

Entry 20

Omg. Omg. OMG. I got put into a vortex. It was dark. It was loud. It was wet. I had butterflies. But I wasn’t in their long. The round one got me out. It was all the gray haired one’s fault. But, I’ve never seen that one before… You have to be careful with these giants. Some of them are off the hook!

— Yellow

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