Outrageous Ohio

One day it’s 80 degrees and the most humid it can possibly be and the next day it’s below freezing and 25 mph winds. There is never an in-between and we’re stuck in two seasons. I hear nothing but complaints everyday and it’s getting old. “The weather sucks here!” “There’s nothing in Ohio!” “Ohio just sucks!” Apparently everyone is in a big hurry and can’t stop and appreciate things once in a while.

Ohio is not just the terrible place that everyone says it is. It’s a beautiful place that is beyond unappreciated and I get a little upset when people complain. People need to go out and look around and they will find that there’s more to Ohio than crazy weather.

Spring break of last year, my brother, friends, and I went down to southern Ohio to Hocking Hills. I had never heard of the place and had neutral feelings toward the whole trip. I had no idea what we were getting into but just went along because it was a weekend away from home.

We ended up exploring these caves and paths for hours. We couldn’t get enough. Almost all of the trails there were explored by the 7 of us. If you’re from Ohio, I feel you should go explore these amazingly perfect trails. Above is a photo that I took myself to capture the beauty. (By far one of the greatest pictures I’ve ever taken.)

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