How to Defeat Cannibals in the Past, and Return as an Astronaut

Martin Ganteföhr
Jan 2 · 18 min read

You’ve worked on and scripted a large number of games, such as the recent State of Mind, as well as multiple interactive projects. How did you get your start in gaming and do you have a particular design/writing philosophy?

Mystery of the Druids was the first game from House of Tales, the development studio you founded with Tobias Schachte. How did the idea for the game initially come about? How did you settle on druids as a subject and what kind of research was involved?

Given this was House of Tales’ first game, what are your memories of the game’s development?

The game sports some rather odd puzzles, including one in which you had to drug a beggar in order to steal his change, though it wasn’t the only point and click game to feature bizarre logic. How did you and Tobias tackle puzzle design?

The game has achieved a kind of cult status, due in part to its bizarrely striking “screaming druid” box art. How did you settle on that cover and how do you feel about its notoriety?

At the time, many adventure games were moving towards using 3D real-time or pre-rendered graphics, moving on from FMV or hand-drawn graphics. Why did you decide to settle on 3D graphics (on 2D backgrounds)?

Looking back at the game, what’s your strongest memory of creating Mystery of the Druids? Is there anything about the game you’re particularly proud of?

Is there anything you’d wish, in retrospect, you’d changed about Mystery of the Druids?

How did your experience creating Mystery of Druids influence the way you approached later projects, with House of Tales and beyond?

You’ve mentioned the game is dear to you, could you explain why? Is there anything else you’d like people to know about the game?

Martin Ganteföhr

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