10 Reasons Your Boss Hates You. And He/She Is Right.
James Altucher

Always a great read. I have often thought about the power dynamic of the modern office.

How it can bread contempt on both sides. How so many of us hate going to work. Hate our customers. Hate our bosses. How managers hate their employees.

So much negativity. People don’t want to work. They want to go on picnics. They want to hang out with friends. They want to do anything BUT be at work.

Not everyone, of course, but a lot of us.

Not sure what the answer is because you need to pay rent, eat and live, so you can’t just quit.

And that may be the issue. You are forced to be there. The boss and employee need to be there. Without a job and a paycheck, you life falls apart in a few months.

Maybe I should just find a rich girl…