A step in the write direction

By Mfundo Mthethwa

Here we go again. The fight against the evil of a writer’s block continues. I have very little choice but to heighten my morale and prepare for my own death in this noble battle. It is true that my attempts in the past have met peril but because I am cursed with the dream of being a writer, I always manage to get up, dust myself and write my wrongs.

Today I face the challenge of transforming blank thoughts into creative content for my new blog. If there ever was a moment where I had to be a brave warrior this would be it. I feel like an ancient dragon that has lost the ability to breathe fire due to centuries of slumber. The good news is I can count on your help in the renewal of my capabilities, the bad news however, is that I’m still unsure of where I am going with this. I hope you are ready to embark on this journey because today is a good day to die.

We all want power. Today you will become more powerful than you can ever imagine, because I offer you a weapon that is mightier than any sword. Some say that words maketh man immortal, to which I concur and expand with: every man has a story, but not every story is legend. Fortunately this is not a story about me nor is it about you. THIS IS ABOUT REDEMPTION! THIS ABOUT GLORY! THIS IS SPARTA!!!!

If you read this post until the very end, I promise to inspire you to write. So are you ready? Ok then let’s do it.

My name is Mfundo Mthethwa and I am a copywriter by profession, a poet by necessity and a musician by passion. Beyond the reflection of what I believe to be my talent, my ultimate goal, like any other writer, is to have my material read. Firstly I must admit that my position is not without merit. I have a bachelor’s degree in Communication, I majored in English Literature and I minored in Psychology. So what does all this mean for you? Well for starters my academic background has taught me to value the integrity of writing. Through excruciating and mind-expanding writing lessons I have a few good tricks that might help us win this war after all.

Now that we have established that my objective is to get you to start writing, I have taken the liberty to share some pointers on how to give your writing that punchy feeling.

You must first understand that everyone is a storyteller but not everyone makes for a compelling writer. Before you even begin to start writing your story, you should place careful consideration on the setting or the context of the story. Only then may you begin to think about the framing device, which is a tool that guides the tone and the very nature of your story.

Writing is the highest form experiencing life because it forces you to be conscious of the slightest details. Whether you are writing a cook book or blogging about politics one thing all writers have in common is understanding the importance of bringing your ideas to life through descriptive vocabulary. Remember the dragon that I mentioned earlier? Well that is a perfect example of the kind of imagery that lights up your writing.

Above all, what is of utmost importance to remember is: do not to make your material too complicated! For this point I would like to share the words of expert copywriter Brian Clark, who explains that “No one will ever complain that what you have written is too easy to understand.” It is often a challenge for us writers to adhere to this notion because we read and know so much that we consider simplifying our writing as “dumbing down”. Making your writing more fluid and easy to read makes it better. The best kind of story is one that is easy to grasp and remember. I am not saying that there is one perfect formulae for writing, but I do suggest that these above mentioned points will generally guide you in the “write direction”.

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