Life is the only ‘ART’ that matters

We must learn how to create artistic value

Creative Excellence is a result of combining a persistent intuitive pursuit with a relentless application of technical skill. Simply put, creativity is a process that, like any other process, can be taught and learnt.

Art, however, is a different story. Creative Excellence and Artistic Value intersect at their differences in approach. The intention of producing good art , can stand in the way of good art.

The painter must not make art, he must just paint. Only upon its completion, can a painting reveal its artistic value (in truth, even then, this value remains subjective).

There is really no such thing as a ‘good artist’. If you happen to be a bad artist, then you’re not at artist at all. (Tongue in cheeck 😉)

Ultimately, we must all gain understanding of this fundamental truth because: While the human civilisation (at large) may be carried forward by creativity and innovation, the experience of life itself is artistic.

Think about this: the more you try to look/sound smart, is the more your intentions are revealed and the less intelligent you appear. (I hold this notion to be self-evident in this very post 👀 but I remain indifferent to the irony).

Anyway, I think it was Bruce Lee who once said: "In the pursuit of mastering martial arts, the student must be like water."
You see, water is formless but holds much power. If you pour water into a glass, the water takes the form of the glass. Water can be calm and serene like the ripples of a lake or loud and dangerous like the waves of the ocean. It all depends on where it is.

If we could incorporate this element of formlessness into our own approach of experiencing life; amazing things can happen.

The key is learning how to remove any instinctive anxiety and become as fluid as water, while simultaneously applying intense focus on using the skill of immersion to relate in each and every moment (or situation) that we deem as important.

In the end, all art is creative but not all creativity is artistic.(This could mean everything, anything or nothing at all! 😈)

What more can I say? Goodnight!