Our Overrated Inner Self
Michael Ruiz

It’s a really interesting concept, and you actually see this type of thing happen quite a bit in the field of psychology. There’s “groupthink,” “the bystander effect,” or even “confirmation bias,” which I believe is most related to what you’re discussing. Confirmation bias is exactly what it sounds like; surrounding yourself with like-minded people who happen to agree with and support all of your opinions and beliefs. In this way, it is what Patterson might call inauthentic, because there are clearly other ways of thinking that may not be addressed under these circumstances. I know that for myself, I am probably prejudiced against pop music or electronic music. I assume that it is all terrible, and I am shocked if I ever do hear a song from these genres that I enjoy. If I combine this prejudice with my confirmation bias, I realize that all of my friends also enjoy rock music (like myself) and they judge pop music or electronic music (like myself). This makes me wonder what existed first, my friends or my musical taste.

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