Our Overrated Inner Self
Cristian Tirado

It’s so interesting that you chose that second quote about tolerance, because I have always had an issue with that word. I am like you and I wish that we could be a society of acceptance, although I am realistic and know that we are very far from achieving that any time soon, here and elsewhere in the world. It also makes me wonder, and forgive the insensitivity, what it must be like to be surrounded by people who do not agree with you. Being a racist person on a farm in Arkansas in a 162-person town is one thing, but to be racist in a liberal and educated area must be a strange burden to bear. They are inhibited from their authenticity, but to some degree isn’t it better this way? This is the line between prejudice and authenticity. On the one hand, the inner self should always shine through and take precedence over what others believe. Screw the world, this is me. On the other hand, if your inner self is misogynistic, racist, and ignorant, then hopefully you have learned to some degree what is acceptable in today’s society and what is not. Then again, even KKK members (who should all rot in hell, but at least rot together) are able to find people who agree with and accept them, so maybe in the end it is better to be authentic so as to live a genuine life.