Today with us Swen N. Austrian Digital Marketer and Designer

September 23 2020

During the pandemic of Covid-19 in the second wave what can be one of the most important keys for Sales and Business that mean how exactly marketers have a view on all of that? Can you share some ideas and experiences with us?

Before starting I will regard readers and your invite for this conversation.

Sure I can tell in my personality some views and my personal Business plans for the 2nd part of Coronavirus because I can’t speak in the name of the other Marketing Managers each of us has different views, predictions about that. In the first part of Covid-19 when began that period the first few weeks most of us were shocked we really don’t expect that lock down’s and other things, but that’s was a hard period for local businesses like small private stores some restaurants, cafes bars, etc. From our team statistics, in that time we spotted how increasing the number of wanted promotions, projects for digital marketing, and all other things connected for online sales like e-commerce stores, that was a boom which we don’t expect. Summer sale for some online stores was good this season we were surprised really. Amazon sellers also make good results we had a lot of clicks on their affiliated links that we provide to their new costumers.

Now for 2nd part of Covid-19, we will use the same tactics as before in 1st wave of the pandemic That means how the first weeks in October need to be focused on Halloween we also expecting PS5 consoles sales, some our retailers have interest in doing ads on that, and I think how that can be one of the most popular products in 2nd part of Coronavirus also for Christmas sales winter months is coming and people usually staying home spending time on mobile phones game consoles, etc and we can’t forget one Niche that is fitness, from my view, that also can be raised sale which we can expect I think

What’s about sale hacks did you can tell us more about that?

Sure, the first thing what we learned for this pandemic is always to be a few steps ahead, that means some stores and online companies need to work on express delivery faster than usual, that is one of the hack keys, what happened this season all world seen riots in the USA that was a bad experience for E-commerce, some packages was lost in the transportation during riots, after that, I told some of the business managers to give their customers express delivery for free or for the small price then usually, it’s better for the company to pay express delivery to their customers than to lost few thousand dollars on refunding money for same packages.

How Europe breathing now, did something was changed last week?

The good question, now in Austria in Vienna more of 10 people can’t be in one place masks must wear everywhere in the stores also in some public open places like vegetable markets I watched before few days stats for Covid-19 and the number of positive slowly increasing. I think how people don’t have reasons for punic like in the 1st part when everyone going into the market buying 3 full shopping carts food and other things. That was insane I now backing film in my head one woman bought 1 full shopping cart of toilet paper I tell to myself omg what can she do with all these packages that can not be normal.

Definitely, you have right, thank you for the interview we appreciate your shared time with us, have luck in your future career, and take care.

Thank you best regards and have a great time in the coming holidays and career also all the best.

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