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Figuring out what to say. 💭 they/them/theirs 🔗

News flash: You totally are. Here are a few pointers so you never ask that question again.

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The appeal of a relationship is many things. It’s someone to share dreams with, support you during low times, and share the simple things. You know that Maroon 5 song “Sunday Morning”? That relationship vibe. It’s a wonderful feeling. Whether you’re recently broken up or a long-term single, you may be asking why. And I don’t blame you!

Now, before you devolve into the time-wasting nonsense some of my friends have…

Being single doesn’t mean you lack power or worth. You’re a boss, and always have been.

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via The Gender Spectrum Collection

Relationship goals this, cuffing season that. During a pandemic, what’s the rush into getting cooped up with someone? As they say, better alone than in poor company. And no, alone doesn’t mean miserable. Single doesn’t mean disempowered or unwanted.

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In celebration of the singles out there, here’s a love letter of just some of the things single means in this world.

Single means social self-starter

You’re the group chat leader and the one everyone turns to when they don’t know where the night should lead next. The party starts when you walk in. …

Self-identified sapiosexuals, this one’s for you.

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via The Gender Spectrum Collection

You’re either that person who knows and actually knows how to use words with 5+ syllables in them or you’re the one who Googles “sapiosexual” the first time you hear it (as I did).

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No shame, regardless of who you are, and I’m not saying it to make myself feel better about not knowing what sapiosexual means. But knowing which person you’re more like in your relationships, especially your romantic ones, can help you better understand your and your S.O.’s dynamic. It’s time we had the intellectual compatibility talk.

What Is Intellectual Compatibility?

Let’s get something straight. I’m…

AKA, cute date options for your de facto LDR this pandemic season. Time to explore new date horizons.

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@dashapats via Twenty20

Meeting someone new in this six-feet away, all remote everything world is possible. And just as that meeting is possible, ways to stay connected are out there.

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Just like in pre-pandemic times, date night takes effort and creativity; today, it takes all the more time and attention to make date night one to remember. But if there’s a will, there’s a way. Here are six ideas to get you started.

I’ve ghosted people, you’ve ghosted people. That habit stops now.

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You’ve been messaging someone for a while, and they’re okay… But it feels like This Person is way into you. And you realize you might need to turn them down, or at least discourage their feelings for you. But how do you do it?

You’ve tried messaging your friends for help with This Person, but they’re all in happy relationships, and your cynical self can’t really deal with their intangible, wishy-washy advice. …

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The hottest person just matched with you. Unbelievable. And now… You gotta text them.

May the panic begin.

In our digital world, how you start a conversation online can make all the difference, especially when you’re trying to find ~the one~. High stakes. But stop panicking! There is always a way.

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Here are five ways to help you make and then keep that real connection. Or, put another way, here are five examples of what you really shouldn’t do to start a convo on a dating app.

1. Just… Stay away from the coronavirus

When I first read this article, admittedly, I didn’t really catch anything too weird. There was definitely a logical flow to the writing, but in terms of actual content? I’m not a good judge. I didn’t touch computer science, or any STEM-adjacent subject, after leaving high school. What I could judge, though, is whether or not the AI could take my job.

For the past two years or so, I’ve been writing flash nonfiction for my TinyLetter, Happy Friday. My buddy Ganesh did me the favor and fed the machine my past entries. …

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I couldn’t have been much older than Jacqueline when I wrote my butterfly story. For Jacqueline, it was a collection of butterfly poems. For me, a fictional story of grief, the butterfly a motif.

It was so long ago when Jacqueline discovered her love for words, her love for butterfly writing. But in Woodson’s published work, this discovery remained palpable, tangible between my clasped hands which cherished her words.

Together, we reminisced, we savored in remembering childhood dreams of becoming a…

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1,200,000,000 results in 0.17 seconds.

But no one here to stay. No one here to come.

I wonder where it is. Help, I mean. Where is it. It must be there somewhere.

No, not the movie, not The Beatles’ album. Help. Where is help?

“Help me.”

153,000,000 results in 0.23 seconds.

Everybody needs help. But I don’t want to know about suicide or depression. I’m not at risk. I just want someone to help me here. Come on. Talk to me.

“Help please.”

110,000,000 results in 0.17 seconds.

Why am I still getting depression sites? I’m normal. Don’t want…

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