Building a Better Editorial Calendar with Wantoo and Trello

The best content teams don’t chase trends — they set them. But most content management tools are backward-looking: they tell you about the history of your content, but cannot envision its future. Pageviews, likes, and retweets are all metrics that apply to the content you’ve already produced, but what about new content ideas?

Whether you’re a news organization or do content marketing for a brand, you need to deliver content that your audience wants. Your audience can give you insights, suggest new story angles, or bring up themes you may not have considered. They can also tell you which of your proposed content ideas they’re most likely to engage with.

If you’re an editor or content manager, you’re likely using a tool like Trello to organize your priorities (and if not, then you should). Trello is an amazing app for organizing content and story ideas for the future. Each column shows what the status of the piece is. Maybe it’s just an idea, perhaps you’re working on it right now, or maybe you’ve already published it. This is what the content calendar would look like in Trello for Digival Software.

The content calendar for Digival Software helps them plan and produce content, but it’s hard to get audience feedback.

But how do you connect the contents of these lists to your readers? How do you make sure you’re not overlooking important topics that your readers can see? The answer lies in connecting your Trello board to a public Wantoo board.

Wantoo is designed to be customer-facing—it lets your readers and viewers weigh in on which pieces they want to see. They can vote and comment on story ideas as well as suggesting their own.

Wantoo gives everyone what they want: the audience gets a super-simple interface for championing great stories, and your content team gets an elegant and easy way to prioritize and act on those ideas.

Wantoo handles all of the communication between these two systems: when you move something from the “story ideas” column into the column with stories you’re working on, Wantoo lets all the people who are interested in that story know that it’s in production. If you move a story into the “not planned” column, it hides that story from the search results. That way, only the items you’re actually going to write will be part of the conversation. Your readers will know when the stories they care about become reality, and they’ll be more than happy to share with their friends and followers (after all, they’ve helped shape the future!).

From world-class news outfits like the New York Times to content-marketing powerhouses like Hubspot, the most successful content creators in the digital age have come to understand that they are indeed building products; and a successful product is the result of smart product management. By making public what you’re creating next, you can directly engage with your readers and viewers. By making this whole process interactive and dynamic, you’ll be able to capture insight from their perspective and decide whether or not you should re-align your priorities.

You and your team are the content experts. Your readers are experts in what’s most important to them. When you can work that audience expertise into your editorial team’s workflow, you can produce content that your audience will consistently love and share. Wantoo makes it very easy to make your Trello boards even more powerful.

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