Never Forget the Burning Temperature of Thermite

I was talking to this guy I work with the other day and he said that Michael Jackson knew about some big conspiracy and was going to reveal it to the world.

At first I figured he was one of those who thought Michael Jackson was murdered by the government for that reason, but then it struck me that he was just as likely the type who believed Michael Jackson is actually still alive and in hiding. I asked him. He told me he wasn’t sure, but it was possible that Michael Jackson just went to the other dimension.

The assassination of John F. Kennedy is no mystery. We can now safely assume that Abraham Lincoln did it. As many of us already know, Abraham Lincoln became a trained assassin and was eventually put in cryogenic stasis in 1865 and awoken once in the early 1960′s. He has since been put back in stasis, but most known data puts that at about 1966, so he was quite alive during Kennedy’s assassination. Recent evidence suggests Kennedy was secretly making plans to resurrect the Confederate army and reclaim the south.

But what is fact and what is fiction anyway? We now know the government has been sending planes all over the world, spreading toxic chemtrails in order to make us believe the events of September 11th, 2001 actually happened. If the chemical effect were to wear off, we’d have to face the fact that New York City never existed in the first place, a fabrication created to kindle the American dream. Perhaps it’s best that we don’t put that fire out.

It’s all culminating in what the ancient Mayans predicted in their final calendar, that the antichrist would be born on Halloween night of 1994. His passage into adulthood would mark the beginning of the end. Of course those who survive the great ethnic cleansing of late 2012 will witness his ascension to both the Papacy and the Presidency of the United States. He will then implement truly universal healthcare that covers the whole universe, angering the far-right reactionaries of Neptune, whose technology dwarfs our own and whose military might will grind the Earth to dust.

The horrendous global war between the Bilderberg Group and the Illuminati will not end with the commencement of the New World Order.

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