7 ways to make event check-in delightful for attendees

7 ways to make event check-in delightful for attendees

Wish to make your event a memorable, delightful one? No need to worry! We know every event is as important as the first one. To make it memorable or impressive, one has to follow certain guidelines strictly. Today, we bring for you these guidelines to make your event delightful for attendees. Keeping these things in mind, shall make your event success. Also make sure you are connected with the best event planning company in Singapore.

Pre-event check mail: Co-oridinate with your clients before the D-day. Keep them in loop with everything going on the event venue. Inform them about the ramp, gateway, so that no one gets confused about the entrance, etc. A pre check mail to the client or the attendees is a must thing to do. Also it will encourage the clients to download the event app, before attending the event. If the attendee’s registration is found within the app, a quick scan of QR code and credentials will make smooth run of the check-in.

Go Digital: In this digital world, paperwork is big no. Instead work on a tablet or mobile is a better option. Let your attendees register themselves on line on a tablet. This shall help you keep a track of your attendees, thus saving your time. Event software like RFID are the chips that can embedded on a wristbands or name badges, enable the attendees to track and simplify on site instructions. Face Recognition, though hardly used is a cool way to scan the attendee’s face instead of tickets. The new technology is very in thing as far as various software check-in are concerned.

Wireless technology: This technology uses advanced wireless tech solutions like mesh, 5G, wearables to name a few.

Trained staff: Hiring a well trained staff is much need in today’s competitive world. Though technology is the in thing these days, but there a few things that crop up during the nth hour. Clients may have many questions during the event, having an on site trained staff to clear the confusions is necessary. The staff must have the detailed information about the event, the check-in flow, hardware configurations, logistics and lobby.

Positivity all around: Now the D-day has arrived. The attendees have began to pour in. Welcoming them or attending them with a forced smile, or grumpy face shall leave a negativemark on your client’s mind. Make sure the staff gives positive vibes to the guest. They handle the guests, clients with a smile on their face.

Brand Experience: Once the event has begun, make sure the check-in process is not just a process but a part of your event brand. All check-ins, from iPads, to event staff should show-off the event brand. After all, isn’t first impression the last one?

Post Check in data: Not just pre event but keeping a track post event is healthy too. Make sure you send a thank-you note or thank you mail to your clients for attending the event.

To be successful an Event Management Company Singapore should follow these steps as it will not just grab the eye balls, but will pull a few clients too. MTM events is one of those on whom one can blindly rely upon. Expertise in not only corporate event, they also excel in non corporate event equally.