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“ Lauri Markkanen is the best shooter from this draft class, and under the right conditions, he can become an elite weapon.”

You could say the same about Doug McDermott, Jimmer Fredette, and Adam Morrison. They did not have the right conditions and did not work out.

Makkanen is a complimentary player at best, he poses little threat to a defense as a passer, post player or ball handler. Good defenses will pressure him on the perimeter and aggressively switch on the pick and roll limiting his uncontested shots and reducing his effectiveness. Toss in his lack of toughness, rebounding and defense, and what you are left with is a one dimensional player who would do great coming off the bench for an established team.

If he is the best piece of this trade the Bulls got their pants pulled down after having their lunch money stolen and getting stuffed into their own locker. Thibs the bully is back and making life miserable for those that crossed him.