5 Movies to Watch (at your own risk) on Your Flight

Do you ever watch a scary movie just to scare yourself? It can be great fun to terrify yourself until you eventually realize that it was a bad idea after finding yourself in a situation similar to that in the film. But who cares, since you’d still watch more later on, right? 
If you’re that kind of crazy, then allow us to dare you to watch the following films during your next flight. Safe travels and happy watching! 
1. Snakes on a Plane 
If you happen to have a fear of snakes, then this should be extra scary for you. In the film, a crime group tries to get rid of a star witness, who’s being flown from Hawaii to Los Angeles, by planting the plane with killer snakes. It seems far-fetched but the results are terrifying. You’ll be checking the floors, baggage compartments, and even the toilet seat after watching this movie. 
2. Final Destination 
Though only the first movie in the series involves a plane, binge-watching all of them is also welcome if you want extreme paranoia. The first film is about a group of teens who were supposed to die in a tragic plane explosion. One of them has a premonition in the airport and freaks out which ultimately saves their lives, until they die mysteriously one by one in the same order as how they were supposed to get killed in the plane. After watching this movie, you will definitely panic after realizing that you’re on board a giant metal death trap that could potentially fall out of the sky at any moment. 
3. Flightplan 
Flightplan is a fast-paced mystery thriller that stars Academy Award winner, Jodie Foster. It is about a widowed woman, Kyle (Foster), and her daughter as they fly from Berlin to bury her husband in their hometown in Long Island, NY. Things go downhill after Kyle wakes up after falling asleep to find her daughter missing. No one has any recollection of the daughter, and things only get more intense as Kyle questions her sanity. This is one scary movie, especially for single parents traveling with their kids. You will surely pay close attention to your children after watching. 
4. Dark Flight 
In our opinion, the most frightening movies are the ones made by our Asians brothers. So if you really want to scare yourself during your flight, then you better watch Dark Flight. It is a Thai horror movie about a repurposed plane where people died in the past and are now haunting the passengers. There’s no turning back after watching this film and you will be left terrified for the rest of your flight. If you want a similar movie from the US, you can check out the movie Flight 7500
5. Alive 
Aside from a plane crash, trying to survive in an unknown place can be equally scary. The movie Alive is based on the story of a Uruguayan rugby team whose plane crashed in the Andes, and their chilling and infamous tale of survival that lead them to cannibalism at one point. It’s intense and cringe-worthy, but ultimately a great tale of survival and what the human spirit can do just to be able to live. After watching, you definitely won’t look at life (and your fellow passengers) the same way again.

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