Stop designing interfaces, Start designing experiences
DUVAL Nicolas

Isn’t it more about workflow and not about designing experience?

Designing experience is what you give to the user at the end. It’s the feedback user is getting. But this process sounds more like an internal process.

It is relative what do you mean by “Stop Designing Interfaces” because ‘design’ actually includes processes such as planning, constructing and creating a system. And designing something as Lego Blocks is what designers are doing when “Designing an Interface”. Component-based.

But what i don’t agree is, this approach creates UI Kit that is adaptable. But it is not bespoke. I think the title is misleading because if you want to design an actual experience, you tailor your product for that specific reason. And not creating building blocks. That’s why ideally you don’t get a UI kit for your “special project” but you sit down and craft it for that specific goal.

I agree with how this process helps big time. But maybe i didn’t get the message the Title is trying to give.

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