My Experience in Boot Camp So Far

It is Day 3 of boot camp already. Wow! It is pretty difficult to believe. How time flies! In fact, the saying that “time flies when you are having fun” is so true. These past several days have been really interesting. However, I cannot complete week 1 of boot camp without talking about the 2 C’s of Andela’s EPIC values, because without them, I should have probably opted out a long time ago.


There is a saying that summarizes the benefits I derived by collaborating with other boot campers, which is: “The true strength in our classroom lies in the collaboration of learners, not in the knowledge of one expert”. Andela boot camp brings together people of various levels and areas of expertise. Anyone who claims to know all, would be deceiving himself. There is always something to learn from everyone. In fact, there is some element of ignorance in the thought that any one person is self-sufficient. Every knowledge or results created are always through a process which I would like to call here, co-creation. That is, it is from an existing body of knowledge that new knowledge is created. What better way is there to define collaboration?

Learning cannot be achieved without connection, communication and then collaboration. Those have been important aspects of my learning process here at boot camp. For every single hitch I experienced, there was an action response chain(more like a series of cases run through by the JavaScript switch statement). I first of all examined it to determine if it was something I could resolve on my own, based on my repository of knowledge, then I checked online for answers, then I connected with my colleagues. This was very useful for me, because I found I always got the answers I needed. Thanks to Andela for emphasizing collaboration rather than competition.


There have been many times, so far in this boot camp, when I have been faced with a challenge, say an error that just wouldn’t go away. Those many situations are just enough to make anyone quit, but for someone with not just a dream,but a goal and the commitment to achieve it, quitting is not an option. According to James Womack , “Commitment unlocks the doors of imagination, allows vision, and gives us the right stuff to turn our dream into reality”. That means that commitment is the key to creativity and excellence. Commitment tells me, “Do not stop here, there’s still more to be done”. Commitment keeps one’s eyes on the goal. Commitment creates some sort of healthy obsession, such that one is constantly coming up with better and more creative methods and solutions.

I would say that so far in boot camp, what has kept me going is this obsession to do more, to know more and to achieve my set goals. It leaves me with the determination to not settle for less, even when there’s still so much to do before the goal is achieved. Just like right now, I know I have a lot to learn and that is my motivation.

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