Breathe by kathleen dutton

Stress is everywhere. Luckily so is your breath.

Life is often paradoxical. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer. We all want to be happier yet continue to strive for things that deep down we know won’t make us happy.

So what do we do?

We spend a fortune on stress relief: alcohol, drugs, shopping, sex as well as pharmaceuticals, therapies and treatments. This is particularly alarming when financial issues can be a root cause of the stress you’re trying to spend your way out of.

So here comes the irony…

One of the most effective stress reduction systems in the world is your own breath. And you have access to it, for free, whenever and wherever you need it. Breathing reduces stress.

Next time you feel stressed just breathe deeply, from your belly, through your nose with a slightly longer exhalation. Within minutes you feel significantly better.

Breathe yourself better. It’s free. And it works.

Thanks to darla brown and IanSanders

Michael Townsend Williams

Written by

Co-founder–BreatheSync | Author–Do Breathe | Coach–Stillworks

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