I am doing all of those things.
Eve Moran

It should also be noted that Clinton’s comment about superpredators was NOT directed at young black men generally. It was very specifically directed at a particular group, and everyone in the black community understood this. Her support for the crime bill needs to be understood in context. Crime was at an all-time high at the time and people were quite honestly desperate for something, anything, to be done, ESPECIALLY black Americans. They were the ones most affected by violent crime, and they were the ones most eager for a solution. Yes, the bill was imperfect; that is an understatement, and plenty of leaders within the black community knew that at the time. Nonetheless, they took it because something was better than nothing. Yes, what actually happened is that the bill did more harm than good, in hindsight we have the data to look back and realize that crime trended DOWNWARD and continued that way. This has been acknowledged by both the Clintons. It turned out to be a terrible idea for several reasons.

However, Clinton’s remark was NOT inherently racist, because she wasn’t generalizing. If black leaders then, and now, can figure this out, then so can the rest of us. There are a lot of damning things in the Clinton closets to condemn her with — this is NOT one of them.

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