MTR The Network (MTR network Podcast)is the home of raw, unfiltered podcasts, about weird news, pop culture and anything else we come across in our daily lives.

Our podcast network started in 2009 with a smartass and a microphone. Rob Lee, the creator, founder and reluctant namesake of the network, was a young executive who was bored with office life.

Rob is an artist with an analytical mind and vanilla nature of office culture bugged him. He needed an escape. Mastermind Team’s Robcast became that escape. Rob has always had a keen sense of satire. He believes that people are so self-important when it comes to their opinions and ultimately it doesn’t matter.

Rob liked podcasting and felt it could be a calling. Rob wanted to provide a unique view of current events. Robcast would bring in many cohosts and guest bloggers into the fray.

Our brand is provocative, satirical and above else Baltimore.

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MTR The Network

Remember that the best podcasts in the business are MTR Podcasts. MTR Podcasts consist of various podcasts geared to pique your interests.

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